Remembering this day one year ago.

This was a wonderful day. Remember?
Do you know those memories, you only had to think off to be happy?
Smile with me :)
pictures mauerfuchs
color grading me

Work took me to awesome places.

Some days have a strange atmosphere. Today I walked around hours and hours. 
On the first picture I saw a deer in a disused quarry. It was such a nice moment.
It gave me a chill and imagined that Sigur Ros would play there.
That would be awesome :) 
I got a new hair cut. It was a hard decision after years of a dream of long hair.
Do you like it? 
Thank you mauerfuchs for the nice pics. I did the color grading on my own.

Make me smile.

When the weather outside is bad and you have to spend the whole day at home, you have to put something beautiful on the wall.

Walks and shortfilm festivals.

Last week I visited the international shortfilm festival in Oberhausen.
What a week.
Watching films in cinema is an adventure.
Our film won the german competion - what an honour.
Between the films we did walks. We found this nice backyard.
What I wear:
This is a vintage dress which I really changed. I made it shorter, changed the sleeves and the hole line. Now it fits like a glove.