Cute brooches, music and a very pink wardrobe.

There are so many projects. Studying master take so much time. Coffee helps me to keep my other creative projects.
Would you wear my brooches? I celebrate the full sweet of kitsch in this collection. I made a few new designs. 
 I really want to hear your opinion about. (text: cute brooches for cute people)  
My room really has changed last week. I was very unhappy with my furniture situation. Last week I have found this wonderful wardrobe. I knew immediately that it must be mine. Three pressboard cabinets could leave my room. I have worked four whole days on it, I sanded and painted it. Nearly three gallons of color was needed. I didn´t want pink, I bought a light red color. Hehe.
All my stuff found a new home. 
I also want to share a live video with you. I was a cinematographer for it. I love to film musicans. 
There a a few more clips on the vimeo account if you are interested of amazing music :)

I need a coffee!

What a time. Actually, I did not need coffee for many many years but exciting times like now require caffeine.  
Yesterday I have visited this sweet coffee house named Hilgenfeld in ErfurtThis pictures wasn´t made for a post 
just to clear the position of the camera and light, but I love that vintage atmosphare. We filmed a musician there.  
The video will be posted soon. 
I wear: all vintage and secondhand
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