Lonely tracks.

I decided to share my favourite everyday places with you.
This is a really nice place to take a walk. I never saw a train passing by. Everytime I am here I feel in the middle of nowhere, but it is the right place to calm down and enjoy the evening sun.
Keep the balance :)

pictures mauerfuchs
color grading me

I am so bitter!

Very strange days passed by. Maybe that´s why I am joining to wear very bright yellow.
You know I am a red and navy lover and with this time my wardrobe needs a colour shock.
I am so happy that I found this dress on a short trip this week. This is what makes me happy, finding cute stuff to remember my experience.
I love that navy yellow thing :)

Have a great weekend!

pictures (like allways) by awesome mauerfuchs

An one day exhibition.

 Yesterday was an one day exhibtion. Many local artists and creative people had a place to give an impression of there work.
Much work for less time anyway but it was fun. You see my yesterday installation on the pictures. On the first picture I built it, than it is ready and on the last you see me recycling it. :)
It was a taff day, but we all enjoyed it. Can you find my eyes on the television? We presented a few music clips. If you read my blog you definitely will know which is part of the selective. Mauerfuchs and I used an important propertie of it.
It is the second post with this dress, but what should I say it is an all weather all time favourite.
photos  mauerfuchs

Swinging legs.

We need swings for adults everywhere! :)

Photos Mauerfuchs
Color Grading die schwarze Gans 

How cold it was.

3 month ago mauerfuchs and I had one week to make a music video. It was released one week ago. Hope you enjoy it !