Simply sailor.

The heat arrived in my little place. I love the short hair cut...the heat couldn´t make my neck hot anymore. Ha! ;)

Wearing: all new except the vintage sunglasses and handmade tie.

Work outfit.

My time at university comes to an end. Not now but in a few month and I'm going to get more and more aware that it's time to act adult in every way. The sweet vintage dresses will always be a part of me, but to be honest, I feel more and more covered in them. Yesterday I bought my first pants. The outfit shows me on the way home from a film shoting. As you can feel, I am celebrating my way back home like a walk through palms. Of course I have combined vintage elements, but to live an adult live also includes practical garments.
In trousers I feel more active and working.
Also, I have discovered my passion for cycling again. This fits better with trousers :)

My body is made for skirts, shorts and dresses. I don´t feel well represented in pants. Haha. 

Wearing: vintage blouse, necklace, bracelett and glasses;
modern belt, trousers, shoes and backpack

photographed by Mauerfuchs

A block post.

I don´t know the north from so much cities in other countries, but in Germany there are 'block areas'  in all the cities I know. Some are gray, but in my city, this district is getting colorful. I avoided it a long time. A short walk through the neighborhood made ​​me enjoying the colors. Excuse the missing laugh but it is a thinking time.

Wearing: vintage sweater and blouse, selfmade neck tie, bag (you can see it one the pictures ;) ),
new skirt and shoes...and of course a new hair cut. What do you think about? 

photographed by Mauerfuchs


Sometimes it could be fun planning outfits on the floor or admire flowers.
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Everything Goes My Way.

Every lifetime seams to have an accompained sountrack. I can´t stop lissining Metronomy and Arcade Fire.
I love them for years. I saw Metronomy almost six years ago, it is a refound love. 
My dream: I will do a cool music video like all of them.
Last year at university let me get frightened about the future. I keep my fingers crossed and get my shoes off
to dance to Metronomys 'Everything Goes My Way'.
What keeps you dancing?

wearing: vintage shoes, skirt (want it?), blouse, barrette,
fox bag (was a gift from a friend)

photographed by Mauerfuchs


wearing: all vintage
photographed by Mauerfuchs with the help of Martin

Blown away.

 Everything is changing around me but that seams to be part of an adult life. So I am sitting on meadows in my breaks and playing with dandelions to keep my inner child.

vintage dress (the 1000 posts with it..hehe) 
and a gifted jacket from my mother. She gave it to me to look more serious.
photographed by Mauerfuchs

Arable and meadow.

Three houres of walk let me say bye to the country. Here are some snap shoots of hanging around. 
I am sure I will come back to this nice place.

bag c/o Pepaloves
dress, hair clip, contents of the bag vintage

photographed by Mauerfuchs with the help of Martin