Perfect red.

A little walk on this saturday morning. I fight against the cold weather with bright colours. This is the dress I wore. I bought this dress in a very dirty condition. But I could cut the stained areas.
A floor-length skirt transformed into a mini and wide balloon sleeves into elbow length puff sleeves. For me it's the perfect red dress.
picures Mauerfuchs ▼ Color Grading me

Autumn light.

What a strange year. After I missed the summer the autumn film festival time just started.  
The hard work seems to have paid off. Two of my film projects were approved at a film festival. I'm exited.
This excitement before the movie starts. It's an incredible feeling to see your own movie on a cinema screen.  
But the fear still resonates with joy. Would the audience like it? The discussions afterwards can be very critical.
I find myself on my days off counting the time until my new project will start. 

 Let's see if it is possible to combine my interest in fashion and film.

I was able to catch some sunlight yesterday.
As promised a floral dress was already waiting under the coat of its use :)
picures Mauerfuchs ▼ Color Grading me

Florals, stripes and satchels.

While I was walking yesterday, I realized painfully that the summer is over. I was very busy with my bachelor thesis the last few month that I couldn´t enjoy the sun. I missed the summer. After seeking recuperation after months of work I am surprised by rain and coldness. So I'm going with my autumn jacket hiding a floral dress in the hope that the sun just say hello behind the clouds.
You must think that I have thousands satchels. Hehe. That is my everyday dream. Hehe. This one I have personally borrowed from the photographer himself because it fits just fine with my oxfords.

Remember that dress? I have changed the lengh.
Wearing all vintage exept the satchel by vintage satchel company.

Deer heaven.

Sometimes the daily routine take so much time that you forget the beautiful places in the vicinity. This piece of woodlands is less than an hour away from me, but I wasn´t there for many years. Unfortunately it rained, but watching the deers and feeling comfortable in the cottage has nevertheless done well.

Red and red.

A very stressful time is finally over for now. My bachelor film is nearly done. I have already sent it to the first festival. Let's see if it is taken.
Phew! Now I have a bit more time for me. Probably that's why I cut my hair.
In any case, the next adventure will start soon. In the next few month I'm going to concern myself with fashion in film. I can hardly wait.
Depending on the mood I have a certain fondness for colors. Currently, I am always bright red.

See you soon :)