Sonias living room.

The last few days in ´not´ my place. Can´t believe how fast the past eight weeks goes by.
I never imagine how pretty and chic a grey living room could be.
It is such an beautiful lightning every morning.
Wearing a vintage skirt c/o VintageEclecticaa vintage blouse and all other things are swapped.
pictures and color correction me

Salomes living room.

Munich room/flat number 3.
Only two left to my own.
Today I finished my new favorite cape.
Love it and the corner of my current flat.
I am counting the days till I have a own room back.
My stuff, all of my clothes. YEA :D
pictures and color correction me

A 90s kid is playing in the neighborhood.

My plattenbau love made my days happier.
I love to make walks between those areas
and keep all my enthusiasm in analyzing this type of architecture.
By the way, I am only interested in plattenbau before 1999.

I really felt like in a 90s trip with bungalows and 90s pink pants. :)
Excuse the unsharpness. My cute sister doesn´t wear her glasses.
Selfmade blind hen.
Yes, Mary I am talking to you!
Mary and me are wearing all vintage and forever21.
photographed by Mary and me
color correction me

Bows and pharaos.

Munich has nice places to find.
Moving every week keeps me the change to find very nice houses in diffrent areas.
I am currently living next to this plattenbau,
so I used the chance of my sisters visit to took some pictures inside.
Color blocking becomes a very huge passion when you have less garments to take with.
Pink is the best eye catcher combined with black and a cute prints.
Ok, and I never leave the house without bows.

Born in the 80s, brain in the 90s.
Peanuts from the 70s, house build in the 70s.
Perfect match!
I really try to take pictures of this pretty person.
My advice: just look normal. As you are and feel. Nobody wants to see a unrealistic face.
We are wearing a mix of new and vintage items.
photographed by Mary and me
color correction me

Black and white and fall.

My cute little sister visited me over the weekend.
It was melancholic.
We have lived together for five years, but after moving out four month ago we haven´t met.

I love her. She is a pretty lady.
So we used one day to dress up ladylike and made a two hour walk.
At the beginning our walk was sheer poetically, we had too much to say but used to keep the silence.
I gave my black jumpsuit to her. I never wore it, but I know it would fit her perfectly.
I love to play with emotions and garments.
We both are wearing all black. white and red -  and all vintage and forever21.

photographed by Mary and me
color correction me

Instagram review: developing my sense of style

The start of something.
Me 1992 in my grandmas garden. 
I love her that much. <3
She loved to dress me up the cutest way.
fall 2012
I always was a vintage enthusiast, but I hide myself behind too cute dresses.
People don´t recognize me as a creative woman.
They always see the kitsch child. It was hard for me to work on my future plans.
2014 changes everything. My live, my home, me and my career.
Everyone is the head of his own life.
Having the hardest time is having the best time for building yourself.
As a newbie in a new city without a flat there are times of loneliness feelings.
In this moments I am hanging around my blog and gazing all those cute pictures:
fall 2013
It is strange, but moving twice a year let me think about all of my stuff,
and I have definitely to much.
I collected more than hundred 60s and 70s dresses that could worn by cute misses or even kids.
I really want to reduce myself. Clear head, clear wardrobe, time to get creative.
fall 2013
I left Weimar with two bags that I could carry with my bike.
One with clothes and one with technical stuff.
What shall I say, it is a good feeling to have only a few things,
that you really love and you can get a combination stylist. :D
fall 2014 (latenight selfie)
One thing further. I am really enjoying fashion blogging.
I know I hide it the last few years and felt ashamed between my friends,
but now I really want to improve my little corner of the internet ( and my english HAW! )
fall 2014
Can´t wait to work on my blog and plan funny posts. :)
summer 2014
Having those much responsibilities in my live really let me feel like a woman.
My style improved itself from a vintage kid inspired to a feminin nostalgic with lots of fun. 
summer 2014
 Having a fashion blog is a photo album of your style over years. It is really blessing.
(..and sometimes spooky of course. ;) )

Let´s swim!

Ok, it is a body, but wouldn´t it be fun as swimsuit?
I am more and more in a 80s sports vibe.
'Let´s get physical!' - Know that song?
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