Red accessoires.

Some locations are meant to be photographed.
I walked around with a friend and came across that building again.
So why don´t to use a smartphone for a little shoot.
You see my style of clothing is more unchained than ever.
A basic garments outfit.
Wearing: vintage bag and necklace, AA headband and flats
photographed by Sven Abe Tjalma
styling, acting, outfit, location, color correction me

50s here I am.

As long as I can remember vintage fashion always was a part of my life.
I bought that top as a dress five years ago. The 50s vibe in my wardrobe now 
motivate my to modify some pieces for a new Jess.
Yes I am still a cute fanatic, but my outfits getting more variable.
Wearing: vintage blouse, sunnies and necklace, weekday pants, AA shoes and headband
photographed by Karsten Pruehl
styling, acting, outfit, location, color correction me

Hippie in my mind.

Grandma I love you! She has kept that blouse and cute mirror since the 60s. 
I feel so honoured wearing those things and always have granny in my mind.
Wearing: vintage blouse, weekday pants
photographed by Karsten Pruehl

Die schwarze Gans.

My creative work beside Viele Füchse got another side. 
All black and white to keep a little overview of all my projects.

Visit Die schwarze Gans and leave your feedback about it here. It means a lot to me.
Viele Füchse will allways be my place for colorful fashion photos in vintage mood :)
No worries!

Denim garage.

Wearing: AA blouse, vintage skirt, AA hair band, vintage saddle shoes, 
photographed by Karsten Pruehl
color correction me

My bachelor film trailer with english subtitles:

I am so happy to share my trailer with subtitels. 
I keep my fingers crossed and hope it will be released soon. What do you think about?
When I see the film I had to think about the changes in my life in the past few month.
Meeting my dad was a great experience and now I am ready to work on my new film project.

A new neighbourhood.

Wearing: basic shirt, vintage skirt, AA hair band, AA mary janes, 
photographed by Karsten Pruehl