Absolutely autumn!

The autumn has grabbed me. He has always been my favorite time of year,  
but this year he has another meaning for me. After I missed the spring and summer because of my bachelor project, autumn welcomes me with open arms and bright colorful days.  I can´t believe it,  I have my first university degree.
Today I made ​​a walk with my sister. Please be lenient she forgot her glasses and therefore the pictures of me are blurred.
As an excuse I will introduse her to you. Hi :)
(I really love her hair, because long hair wasn´t meant for my. 
Thats why I am her hair dyer and cutter. Hehe.)
My smile will be back after some days off ;)
I wear: vintage dress, simple mustard cardigan, selfmade lace belt,
white tights, satchel, lottafromstockholm clogs
picures me and Marilu ▼ Color Grading me

My treasury. My way.

First: I am wearing vintage for over five years. This is much time to work on my wardrobe.
My blog Viele viele Füchse (viele Füchse = many foxes) is the place where I´m enjoying to share pictures of my vintage collection. I try to avoid buying something new exept underwear.  So I shop mainly at thrift stores and vintage boutiques,  you should notice that on the first seight. You can say I'm a vintage 'hunter' and 'gatherer'. I like everything that is old and cheesy and of course blue and red are my favourite colours. 
If I travel to another city or visit a film festival, I use a free afternoon for happy vintage 'hunting'. You do´t have to prepare well. JUST KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN :) 
 I walk through the streets until I find one of the store types I am searching. After 'hunting' and 'gathering' inside, I ask customers or the seller for other thrift and vintage stores in the city. The most people love to help. One time a a girl painted a city map in my notebook - how cute it was.  Besides vintage information you can pick up culinary advice from locals in one step.
But: vintage stores are closing fast. I am collecting the places I was in my notebook. In my experience there are coming and going so fast. So many cute stores died in the last two years :(

It is a great feeling to have such memories with your collection. Call me addicted. Sometimes I am starting to remember where I got my pieces. Dress found in Stuttgart, shoes swapped from Düsseldorf... Many of my favourite pieces are swapped via Kleiderkreisel. I love this website, sorry all non-german readers. ( But there is a sorry for me too, than in Germany there are no Thriftstores like in the USA - I would die to thrift in the USA)  
I got so many mails with the same question in it.  I DO NOT KNOW THE ONE AND ONLY GOOD SOURCE OF VINTAGE CLOTHING, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST.  You don´t need it at all. You can find your new favourite in the nerby town, your grandmathers closet, swapping with your friend or everywhere else. 
 I invest a lot of time, distance, needlework and money (and fun :) ) in my vintage collection.
You may have noticed, that I prepare the costume and scenography for some university projects or simple photography shooting fun. That allows me to keep my collection, but it is also important to me that I don´t treasure up too much. I have a very small closet, I have to sort out when I want something new. :)
These are some cities I got some pieces from the outfits.
I am runing Viele Füchse also to improve my english skills. Don´t hesitate to write me if you find something wrong.
picures Mauerfuchs ▼ Color Grading me

Thoughtful days.

These days passes exciting and quiet. I will have my final exam soon. It is only a small beginning, but I'm afraid of  
what is coming nextLuckily, there are sweet sweater too fit in such situations.
Please keep your fingers crossed. It is hard to get through. A music video I worked on will appear soon. Very soon :)

picures Mauerfuchs ▼ Color Grading me

Our spot.

Hi guys. Many month passed by. That commerical is running in my local cinemas and now I can finally show you.
(This is my favourite actor.) I am happy :)
Yes you will find me and I did the costume and the make up. Directed by Mauerfuchs.

dislike ▼ cut ▼ sew ▼ new

After recieving lots of mails with similar questions about my dresses, I want to show you a variant of getting a well fitting favourite. I found this dress that seems to have the cutest pattern, but does not fit properly. It hung on my closet so many days and I didn´t know what to do. Add to Kleiderkreisel? Keep it? Change it? 
Yesterday was that type of rainy days that inspires me. I cut it DO NOT IMITATE WITHOUT CONFIDENCE without remeasure. Many experienced seamstresses would describe myself as a bungler, but what makes cooking fun for me is sewing without prescription. My eyes have my dress size in sense of proportion, so I cut the excess fabric off. Then I put the fabric pieces together with pins as I wanted to sew . The only thing I had to note was, that the skirt pleats should be symmetrical. Within half an hour me an my sewing mashine made a new favorite dress. A outfit post will follow. I´m sure:)

Cutie autumn.

 After I put my hand quite destroyed, the wound dressing is getting smaller and smaller and finally fit again with sweet dresses. Colder days are the start of the cutest season for me. The days are getting shorter and it is the last occasion to wear cute things before coats will hide all. Every autumn I play/wear crazy in fear of the cold and dark winter.  If you know a repository of lovely warm coats - I need some :)
picures Mauerfuchs ▼ Color Grading me

Our film on television

Last night one of my films was shown on television. The television program Unicato gaves student films a platform. 
"Gesandte ihrer Art" is mine. HERE you can watch the broadcast. (starting 25.27) If you watched the show, I'd appreciate your feedback. 
I made the illustration for the trailer bellow.

Yellow and red.

What a week. Thanks to my hand - I won´t forget it soon. We shot a music video. I was responsible for the decor and have concerned the costume of the protagonist. Stay excited, it will be released in a few weeks.
After days of discouraged with less sleep, I was a little beside me and somehow
a can lid has moved the way through my palm. Ouch! I hope it will all heal well.
Can hardly wait to took new photos with my new hand, but it will take a few days or weeks. 
The doctor made my wound dressing matching my lipstick. Hehe. 
Here some impressions from my new loved colour combination.