A trip countryside.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer and so I decided to visit a friend on the countryside. 
What could be better for that trip than a duck dress?

black sleeveless blouse and mary janes
vintage sunglasses and bag

photographed by Mauerfuchs with the help of Martin

Playing field of us.

I bought that dress almost two years ago. It had ugly sleeves, so I finitely allowed myself to cut them.
Now I can wear it as a pinafore with funny blouses.

Wearing: all vintage

shot by mary and me

An olympic field.

Barcelona has so nice places. Unfortunatly  all tourists floated the city.
So we catched a lonely place. I am not a sports enthusiast, but the architecture was impressive.
If you will visit Barcelona plan a short trip to the olympic area of 1992.
I liked it that much that I went there two times :)

shot by mauerfuchs

Palms with Jess.

The first pictures with me and palms. Spain in spring is amazing. The water was too cold, 
but to see it is enough for a gal who didn´t see it for years.

shot by mauerfuchs

What a blue sky.

I got busy lately, but I have to share that impressiv shot. I did a short trip to Barcelona last week.
It was the first vacation for years exept my visits in Berlin. Can´t wait to share all pictures.
I hate it, but all are taken with the tablet. But nice variation after month of camera lessons.

Wearing all vintage, exept the sweater I swapped on Kleiderkreisel.
shot by mauerfuchs


A garden fence, I would steal....

...but I have no car for transportation.

This is the first blog post that was only photopraphed with the tablet. 
I don´t like shooting with it.
Isn´t that fence the prettiest you ever seen? My future home had to have something like that.
Did you notice? I am getting more active on instagram. Maybe you will follow me there.

Be the first, who see it. Our fashion clips.

Hello lovely reader. I posted a few informations about my semester project and now the final moment arrived.
I can share them with you. I hope you will enjoy the clips I worked on the last few month.
The task was to present the collections from two european fashion design students
in 1:20 minutes for each.
We had to catch the emotion of the collection. We had no budget.
I had to search sponsors and made them happy to help.
Thank you frindly sponsors for helping us.

Here is the first:
It is the collection of a young talented finnish designer:
and the second from a danish. Yes I am the acteur:

Please share your opinion about them.
I hope you liked it. I was so happy with our two designers.

What a fake! No, what a fun!

Making funny things outside is the most important thing on a sunny day
To make that fun noticeable I have hidden a few mistakes on each picture.
Can you find it?
Remember that dress? 
It was my favourite last spring. 
I cut the sleeves to change it a little bit and yes it is my new favourite indeed.
pictures by mauerfuchs ▼ color grading me 
wearing all vintage except the shoes

Blooming world.

I love this time of year when everything starts to bloom. The scent of cherry blooms 
makes me dream of the first night under open sky. What are you looking forward to?
pictures by mauerfuchs ▼ color grading me