Good bye - a year of change! My blog is moving!

 I thought about this a long time, but my decision was made.
My little blog is moving. Find my now here: and keep on following:
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I would be very happy to see you all there.

Let´s move :)

Simple in black with a pop of red.

Hello my dears!
Sorry for instagraming more than blogging.
I am working on a redesign of my little internet space.
I am wearing a simple jumpsuit - I could wear them every day in every color - combined with vintage mary janes.
I found them in a cute friendly vintage shop. The shop aintweswank offers ten percent to my followers. 
If you will find something please feel free to use the code VIELEFUECHSE :)
all self-portraits and color corrected by me

Some outfits and room details.

My camera lost it´s life so planning shootings is very difficult these days. 
Only two weeks till my birthday and the possibility of a new one :)

Pants a the very best companions on cold days. 
How did I stay warm before wearing pants?
Hehe :)

My second month in munich - a instagram review.

Hello my dears! 
I am official inhabitant of munich now. I finally moved in my own room and live together with fascinating people. I never lived together with engineers so the technical part meets the creative. Hehe.
It will be a great experience for the upcoming months. 
Wearing black basics, cute Mary Janes, a very huge orange scarf, 
pompom sweater and mint coat  c/o pepaloves.
I love to combine light blue with bright orange these days. 
My c/o pepaloves satchel is my current daily companion.
My internship tasks moved into really fulfilling ones. 
I really can imagine to work as a designer for community tasks.
I can illustrate and so many people see it. I can´t realize how happy I am. 
This is one illustration I did for it :)
Do you know how spooky face it should be?
Every sunny second I am playing with circle skirts outside. It´s getting cold here, 
but cute sweaters keeps my mind in a warm mood.
Wearing c/o pepaloves dress as top, a foxy bag and vintage.
All photographs made by me.

My living room.

Finally a post shoot in my new own living room :)

Wearing: alle vintage except the sweater and satchel c/o pepaloves
photographs and color correction me

Sonias living room.

The last few days in ´not´ my place. Can´t believe how fast the past eight weeks goes by.
I never imagine how pretty and chic a grey living room could be.
It is such an beautiful lightning every morning.
Wearing a vintage skirt c/o VintageEclecticaa vintage blouse and all other things are swapped.
pictures and color correction me

Salomes living room.

Munich room/flat number 3.
Only two left to my own.
Today I finished my new favorite cape.
Love it and the corner of my current flat.
I am counting the days till I have a own room back.
My stuff, all of my clothes. YEA :D
pictures and color correction me

A 90s kid is playing in the neighborhood.

My plattenbau love made my days happier.
I love to make walks between those areas
and keep all my enthusiasm in analyzing this type of architecture.
By the way, I am only interested in plattenbau before 1999.

I really felt like in a 90s trip with bungalows and 90s pink pants. :)
Excuse the unsharpness. My cute sister doesn´t wear her glasses.
Selfmade blind hen.
Yes, Mary I am talking to you!
Mary and me are wearing all vintage and forever21.
photographed by Mary and me
color correction me

Bows and pharaos.

Munich has nice places to find.
Moving every week keeps me the change to find very nice houses in diffrent areas.
I am currently living next to this plattenbau,
so I used the chance of my sisters visit to took some pictures inside.
Color blocking becomes a very huge passion when you have less garments to take with.
Pink is the best eye catcher combined with black and a cute prints.
Ok, and I never leave the house without bows.

Born in the 80s, brain in the 90s.
Peanuts from the 70s, house build in the 70s.
Perfect match!
I really try to take pictures of this pretty person.
My advice: just look normal. As you are and feel. Nobody wants to see a unrealistic face.
We are wearing a mix of new and vintage items.
photographed by Mary and me
color correction me