Cute brooches, music and a very pink wardrobe.

There are so many projects. Studying master take so much time. Coffee helps me to keep my other creative projects.
Would you wear my brooches? I celebrate the full sweet of kitsch in this collection. I made a few new designs. 
 I really want to hear your opinion about. (text: cute brooches for cute people)  
My room really has changed last week. I was very unhappy with my furniture situation. Last week I have found this wonderful wardrobe. I knew immediately that it must be mine. Three pressboard cabinets could leave my room. I have worked four whole days on it, I sanded and painted it. Nearly three gallons of color was needed. I didn´t want pink, I bought a light red color. Hehe.
All my stuff found a new home. 
I also want to share a live video with you. I was a cinematographer for it. I love to film musicans. 
There a a few more clips on the vimeo account if you are interested of amazing music :)

I need a coffee!

What a time. Actually, I did not need coffee for many many years but exciting times like now require caffeine.  
Yesterday I have visited this sweet coffee house named Hilgenfeld in ErfurtThis pictures wasn´t made for a post 
just to clear the position of the camera and light, but I love that vintage atmosphare. We filmed a musician there.  
The video will be posted soon. 
I wear: all vintage and secondhand
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From stairs and lipsticks.

I have to show you one more detail from the hotel.
You know how it is, if you make a trip, you arrive with your packed suitcase. I was a nice surprise that I matched to the stairwell
on the way from breakfast to the room. If the staircase is next to an very beauty existing lift
it is also a good place to refresh lipstick unobserved ;)

I wear: all vintage and secondhand except the leather satchel
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A lift that fits me well.

Phew! The end of the year is getting more and more stressful. But to have a lot to do, is indeed a good sign.  
After our film has now been shown in some cities, I finally have some days with the internet.
This wonderful lift I met in Hanover. The hotel was so very 50s.
I wear: all vintage and secondhand except the leather satchel
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A student girl.

My last year at university. My last semesters let me enjoy dressing like an exaggerate student. 
Sweet cute dresses dodge elegant shoes and skirts. I can´t stop wearing my favourite sweater these days.
After avoiding black tights for month, a new love started. I like them to make my outfits feminin.  

Are you getting black legs on cold autumn days too? :)
 My face do grimaces I didn´t know before :D

I wear: all vintage and secondhand except the leather satchel
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Jess is sawing.

A new thing just started. I began my master last week. In this semester my interest in fashion
 and film will come together. Let's see where that leads. I will make a fashion film for a young european designer.  
This is exciting.
The clip below was a little homework. We should show one of our opinion about fashion

in one minute. 
Do you understand what I mean? :)

Absolutely autumn!

The autumn has grabbed me. He has always been my favorite time of year,  
but this year he has another meaning for me. After I missed the spring and summer because of my bachelor project, autumn welcomes me with open arms and bright colorful days.  I can´t believe it,  I have my first university degree.
Today I made ​​a walk with my sister. Please be lenient she forgot her glasses and therefore the pictures of me are blurred.
As an excuse I will introduse her to you. Hi :)
(I really love her hair, because long hair wasn´t meant for my. 
Thats why I am her hair dyer and cutter. Hehe.)
My smile will be back after some days off ;)
I wear: vintage dress, simple mustard cardigan, selfmade lace belt,
white tights, satchel, lottafromstockholm clogs
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My treasury. My way.

First: I am wearing vintage for over five years. This is much time to work on my wardrobe.
My blog Viele viele Füchse (viele Füchse = many foxes) is the place where I´m enjoying to share pictures of my vintage collection. I try to avoid buying something new exept underwear.  So I shop mainly at thrift stores and vintage boutiques,  you should notice that on the first seight. You can say I'm a vintage 'hunter' and 'gatherer'. I like everything that is old and cheesy and of course blue and red are my favourite colours. 
If I travel to another city or visit a film festival, I use a free afternoon for happy vintage 'hunting'. You do´t have to prepare well. JUST KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN :) 
 I walk through the streets until I find one of the store types I am searching. After 'hunting' and 'gathering' inside, I ask customers or the seller for other thrift and vintage stores in the city. The most people love to help. One time a a girl painted a city map in my notebook - how cute it was.  Besides vintage information you can pick up culinary advice from locals in one step.
But: vintage stores are closing fast. I am collecting the places I was in my notebook. In my experience there are coming and going so fast. So many cute stores died in the last two years :(

It is a great feeling to have such memories with your collection. Call me addicted. Sometimes I am starting to remember where I got my pieces. Dress found in Stuttgart, shoes swapped from Düsseldorf... Many of my favourite pieces are swapped via Kleiderkreisel. I love this website, sorry all non-german readers. ( But there is a sorry for me too, than in Germany there are no Thriftstores like in the USA - I would die to thrift in the USA)  
I got so many mails with the same question in it.  I DO NOT KNOW THE ONE AND ONLY GOOD SOURCE OF VINTAGE CLOTHING, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST.  You don´t need it at all. You can find your new favourite in the nerby town, your grandmathers closet, swapping with your friend or everywhere else. 
 I invest a lot of time, distance, needlework and money (and fun :) ) in my vintage collection.
You may have noticed, that I prepare the costume and scenography for some university projects or simple photography shooting fun. That allows me to keep my collection, but it is also important to me that I don´t treasure up too much. I have a very small closet, I have to sort out when I want something new. :)
These are some cities I got some pieces from the outfits.
I am runing Viele Füchse also to improve my english skills. Don´t hesitate to write me if you find something wrong.
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Thoughtful days.

These days passes exciting and quiet. I will have my final exam soon. It is only a small beginning, but I'm afraid of  
what is coming nextLuckily, there are sweet sweater too fit in such situations.
Please keep your fingers crossed. It is hard to get through. A music video I worked on will appear soon. Very soon :)

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