We found that paperdolls in an abandoned house infront of a bunker door.
The doll is screaming. Creepy.
And me with black hairs.
(I found that pictures while cleaning my laptop. Had to share it :) )
pictures shot 11/7/2009 by Mauerfuchs

Strawberry juice.

Be sure, I am back soon. I have lot of work to do. This is a little snap of my university project this semester.
Me very diffrent. It is only a polaroid. A video will follow.
picture Mauerfuchs

Black and white nostalgic.

At some moments where suddenly everything changes and you think back, photos can bring tears in my eyes.
 These photos are five years old. They were taken in January 2009 in Berlin on a black and white film.
To me it is never noticed that, but Patrick has always taken pictures of me.  

We started the blog much later.
What I wear: scarf selfmade, coat vintage, fox brooch(Where is it?)
pictures Mauerfuchs

Coffee and music.

Do you remember the post 'I need a coffee'? Here is finally the music clip we made.