Ric Rac Ric Rac

The days of working on the european streets find an end. I learned much about the people. Are you interested in pictures and things that happend? A new documentary is on the way.

And the making of...

What a crazy night with emergency blankets, beer and fake lashes:
Making of Tristan Brusch - Well Well from Mauerfuchs Film on Vimeo.

Tristan Brusch Well Well

Well a time of work as been finished. One evening of shoting and two month of postproduction came to an end. Now I can hardly wait to hear your feedback.
Some garments from the clip are available here.

Aren't you forgetting something?

 The spring is there and so I decided to work on my blog. My school runs hard and so I need something to make me just happy. I hope you enjoy my pictures. I will work on the quality. On the other side I want to improve my english knowledge with this blog so please tell me if you find mistakes.
Pictures by Mauerfuchs
Color Grading by dieschwarzegans