Olive neighbourhood.

This place is near to my home. 
I am passing by every day with a smile on my face.
The trabbi and house match perfect together. :)
While shooting a Beetle passes by. Haha :D
photographed by Lea Kutz
styling, acting, outfit, location, color correction me

Where I grew up.

Some of my oldest friends don´t want to talk about our hometown.
It is in the middle of Germany. Forest, mountains and plattenbau.
I left my hometown nine years ago, but never have lived more than one hour by car from it.
Yesterday I took my bike and visited it very intensive. Good bye!
I am damn nostalgic. I don´t know when I will be there the next time.
Moving brings a strange feeling.
Do I disclose where my plattenbau love comes from? :)
All photographed and color corrected by myself.

Posing in a floral suit.

So this is the first shot by my two talented fellow students.
We drove in a little town to find an abandoned house with 70s wallpaper.
I love the contrast between the location and the outfit. 
wearing: vintage saddles, bag and necklaces
photographed by Bastian Bischoff and Ben Prentki

She stands with the umbrella in her room.

It was a crazy week for me. A flu let me sleep a lot and watch series. I feel inspired.
I had a great shoting with two talented fellow students. The results will be up in a few days.
While recovering I am playing a lot with my photoshop.
I am very active on instagram lately. 
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