These shoes makes my feet smile!

I love taking pictures of my favourite pieces.
As a kid I only wore clogs in summertime. Clogs are comfortable and simple. After I found those in childhood pictures I had to find some clogs for me that go along with my vintage passion.
I found these Lottafromstockholm clogs. It was love on the first sight.
I can´t wait to make outfit shoots with them.

Skimming stones.

I never thought about having a fashion blog. But now I have one for a year.
I am happy that you are such lovely readers. Sharing pictures with you just makes my happy.
The blog shows me very slightly what my wardrobe means to me. I can be what I am. I can wear what ever I like.

Yellow impressed me this summer.

pictures mauerfuchs
color grading me

Missing cold days.

 This pictures was shoot a few month ago. It was a very cold autumn day.
I miss that time. Summertime is to hot for my me. I am hiding at home and my day starts at night. Haha :)

pictures mauerfuchs
color grading me

You see me a german girl in my german dirndl dress: