Bows and pharaos.

Munich has nice places to find.
Moving every week keeps me the change to find very nice houses in diffrent areas.
I am currently living next to this plattenbau,
so I used the chance of my sisters visit to took some pictures inside.
Color blocking becomes a very huge passion when you have less garments to take with.
Pink is the best eye catcher combined with black and a cute prints.
Ok, and I never leave the house without bows.

Born in the 80s, brain in the 90s.
Peanuts from the 70s, house build in the 70s.
Perfect match!
I really try to take pictures of this pretty person.
My advice: just look normal. As you are and feel. Nobody wants to see a unrealistic face.
We are wearing a mix of new and vintage items.
photographed by Mary and me
color correction me


  1. so beautiful and playful look!!!looove it so much!!! im so happy that i found your blog!! i love your style!! im following you on lookbook, bloglovin, instagram and gfc!! I would be very glad if you could visit mine and follow me too! kisses!:)

  2. Sehr coole Bilder und ich mag deinen Blog - der ist irgendwie so erfrischend anders! Toller Stil!