Aren't you forgetting something?

 The spring is there and so I decided to work on my blog. My school runs hard and so I need something to make me just happy. I hope you enjoy my pictures. I will work on the quality. On the other side I want to improve my english knowledge with this blog so please tell me if you find mistakes.
Pictures by Mauerfuchs
Color Grading by dieschwarzegans



  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the red jacket. xx

  2. ooh du bist voll hübsch!<3
    Bei mir findet zurzeit ein Gewinnspiel statt,würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mitmachst!<3
    Liebst Leo

  3. Oh, I love the gingham shirt - very cute. Have you thought about a blogpost about how/where you source vintage clothes? I'd be very interested ;)