Autumn light.

What a strange year. After I missed the summer the autumn film festival time just started.  
The hard work seems to have paid off. Two of my film projects were approved at a film festival. I'm exited.
This excitement before the movie starts. It's an incredible feeling to see your own movie on a cinema screen.  
But the fear still resonates with joy. Would the audience like it? The discussions afterwards can be very critical.
I find myself on my days off counting the time until my new project will start. 

 Let's see if it is possible to combine my interest in fashion and film.

I was able to catch some sunlight yesterday.
As promised a floral dress was already waiting under the coat of its use :)
picures Mauerfuchs ▼ Color Grading me


  1. May I ask at which festival your projects will be shown? :)
    But congratulations anyways, it must be the most incredible feeling to see your own work in a cinema on a big screen.

  2. Zauberhaft, wie immer :)

    xoxo, Saperlotte