Yellow and red.

What a week. Thanks to my hand - I won´t forget it soon. We shot a music video. I was responsible for the decor and have concerned the costume of the protagonist. Stay excited, it will be released in a few weeks.
After days of discouraged with less sleep, I was a little beside me and somehow
a can lid has moved the way through my palm. Ouch! I hope it will all heal well.
Can hardly wait to took new photos with my new hand, but it will take a few days or weeks. 
The doctor made my wound dressing matching my lipstick. Hehe. 
Here some impressions from my new loved colour combination.


  1. Wonderful pictures! I love the colors in these outfits. Hope your hand is better :-)

  2. Your shirt is gorgeous and I love that skirt! Is the skirt vintage? Fabulous colours and pattern XXX

  3. aw your poor hand:( that skirt is a beautiful print!