Sporty gal.

There was a time I avoided to wear sporty outfits. I don´t know why, 
but know I have the feeling that I hide myself behind that cute dresses. I am still wearing cute dresses, 
but I am more flexible with everyday. I am starting to feel completely free and more in love with fashion than ever!
Today I am reflecting the flight from moscow and get inspired by the looks of stewardesses.
The outfit makes me look smaller. (I'm 5'7 ") :)
Wearing: vintage dress and  shoes, 
bag c/o Kleiderkreisel
photographed by Mauerfuchs
color grading me


  1. Warum bekomme ich nicht so eine schöne Tasche von Kleiderkreisel!
    Hach, das Outfit ist toll und sieSöckchen gefallen mir!
    Liebst, Luna!

    1. Huhu Luna,

      danke. Ich mag Socken gerade :)
      Ich mag die Tasche auch. Hatte sie ewig auf meiner Lieblingsliste und dann hab eich sie geschenkt bekommen :)

  2. You have such a sweet look about you :3