Sometimes a gal needs feminine time.

I moved to munich a week ago, those pictures was shot in a village called munich near my old hometown.
My two lovely photographer let me wait a long time, but I love them so it is ok. 
Let´s join a little summer time :)
You may have noticed that my style turned into a modern vintage mix. 
wearing: a c/o pepaloves blouse, AA denim Mary Janes, vintage glasses bag necklace and skirt
photographed by Bastian Bischoff and Ben Prentki
styling, acting, outfit, color correction me


  1. Your skirt is perfect and the photos are lovely as usual!

  2. this setting is incredibly gorgouse! swooooning over those windows!

  3. A very nice location! Near me, you can't find abandoned houses like this. Plus, I'm too much of a chicken to go in...

  4. Dieser Rock ist soo wunderschön, habe ihn schon auf den instagram-Bildern bewundert!
    Liebe Grüße, Rona von threepinkcats