Black and white and fall.

My cute little sister visited me over the weekend.
It was melancholic.
We have lived together for five years, but after moving out four month ago we haven´t met.

I love her. She is a pretty lady.
So we used one day to dress up ladylike and made a two hour walk.
At the beginning our walk was sheer poetically, we had too much to say but used to keep the silence.
I gave my black jumpsuit to her. I never wore it, but I know it would fit her perfectly.
I love to play with emotions and garments.
We both are wearing all black. white and red -  and all vintage and forever21.

photographed by Mary and me
color correction me


  1. ok! what can i say!! your style is amazing!! i love this look!!! just adorable! amazing!

  2. Hello!

    I just stumbled upon your blog over The Bookworm's closet and really, really like it!! Really chic!
    I had to smile when I read your post title "Black and white and fall" because yesterday I wrote a "Black and White and Yellow" post, which is also about a black and white outfit in an autumn park... ;) ( in case you are interested)

    Have a lovely evening!